_by Chad Love
I was going to write today’s blog on getting ready for the first bird-hunting road trip of the season next week, but when you see a picture like this…


Well, there’s really no choice: you’ve got to run with it. No, that’s not Dumbo. His name is Harbor, he’s an 8-year-old coonhound form Boulder, Colorado and he sports what are officially the longest ears of any living dog on the planet.

From this story on

Guinness World Records announced a Colorado coonhound will appear in the 2012 book after receiving the title of “longest ears on a living dog.” The record keeping organization said Harbor, an 8-year-old coonhound belonging to Jennifer Wert of Boulder, made it into the book with a left ear measuring 12.25 inches long and a right ear measuring 13.75 inches long, The Denver Post reported Tuesday. “When he was 9 months old, he was sitting in his crate and his ears were hanging down over his paws,” Wert said. Guinness said the previous record holder was an Illinois bloodhound named Tigger, which had a 13.5-inch left ear and a 13.75-inch right ear before his death in 2009.


As massive as Harbor’s ears are, I think they can be bested, and I challenge any MBF readers who think their pooch can do it to grab a tape measure. Surely there’s a Bassett hound or a bloodhound out there with a pair of ears to at least challenge Harbor’s prodigious head flaps. What say you, MBF readers? Can anyone out there topple Harbor?