A while back I wrote a blog post about the canine propensity to eat virtually anything that can be chewed up and swallowed. Or perhaps your dog tends to dispense with chewing altogether and simply swallow whole whatever can slide down its ravenous and undiscriminating gullet.

Either way, I wrote, swallowing a foreign object that gets stuck in your dog’s GI tract can be fatal at worst, and very expensive at best. I was talking about vet bills, of course, but here’s a dog who just took expensive to a whole new level.

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_Dogs always get blamed for eating homework, but how about a $4,500 wedding ring? It happened to an Albuquerque family and when nature would not pass the ring back, they had to find another way. Rachelle Atkinson has a habit of leaving her wedding ring on her night stand and in the morning, she puts it back on – that was until a few weeks ago. “I went to go put it on and it was nowhere to be found,” she said. Rachelle and her husband Scott searched everywhere but eventually started to suspect a thief, their 10-month old basset hound, Coraline.

“She was the only one in our room so we immediately looked at her and she looked guilty,” Atkinson said. For the next 10 days, Scott had to go through a lot of Coraline’s droppings searching for the treasure. “I had to go through all the ‘poos’ everyday and squish them up and make sure there were no hard lumps in there so yeah, that wasn’t much fun,” said Scott Atkinson. It turns out he did it all for nothing. X-rays showed the ring wasn’t coming out on its own. “So we took her to the vet and there it was lying in the bottom of her stomach and it was just too heavy to pass so we had to take her in for surgery,” Atkinson said._

Remember, there is a strong corollary relationship between the seeming unlikelihood of an object being eaten by your dog and the actual probability of said object being eaten by your dog. The higher the former, the higher the latter, so if you find yourself looking at an object (steel-belted radial, M1 tank, bowling ball, Fiat 500, $4,500 wedding ring…) and telling yourself “Surely the dog wouldn’t try to eat THAT,” then move said object, immediately, before the x-ray of your dog’s gut becomes the next Internet Warhol moment.