Which is which? I ‘aint sayin, but I’m gonna bet against the collective wisdom and predict that none of you identify both breeds correctly. Yep, that’s a challenge…
— Chad “I’m a Moron” Love, 2-29-12

Mouth, meet crow. Of 48 total entries, 13 of you managed to guess correctly that the two dogs pictured were the Deutscher Wachtelhund and the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. I am, however, sorely tempted to give the prize to reader “agdw” for his entry “dark brown dog, light brown dog” just because I like a smarta**. And to rub a little more salt in my wounded pride, not only did many of you get it right, but the very first guess was right on the money. No more clues for you people.

Congratulations, Levi Banks, for being the first correct (and first, period) response. The editors will be in contact with you shortly to get your mailing address, and the good folks at Tri-Tronics will get your gear bag out in the mail soon.

As for the dogs, they’re both beautiful, aren’t they? I personally have seen neither breed in the field or at a hunt test or trial, but I’d sure love to. Hopefully, in my never-ending quest to hunt behind as many different breeds of dog as possible, I’ll get the chance to remedy that someday soon. A wealth of information on the Deutscher Wachtelhund can be found at the North American breed clubs website. Likewise, the toller breed club has an excellent website. I have seen a few tollers around, but none whose owners used them for hunting.

Any readers either own or have hunted behind a Deutscher Wachtelhund or a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever? If so, tell us about it in the comments.