Who wants to win a really cool knife? I mean it, I’ve been playing around with one for the past couple weeks, and I gotta say the new Swedish Fireknife is a very well-designed and comfortable knife, so much so that mine is now a permanent addition to my knockaround/training bag. It’s light, ergonomic, razor-sharp and the blade design lends itself well to a variety of tasks. The question is, who wouldn’t want to win one?

All you have to do is continue sending in your training tips to for the chance to win. I’ve got several of these knives to give away, so the more tips you send the more chances you have to win one. Your tip can be about any aspect of training, ownership or hunting with your dogs. It can be a useful piece of gear (homemade or otherwise), a time-saving piece of advice or a novel or unusual way to teach a concept.

Our first winner, Bill Maggart, gave us a cool tip to help introduce a pup to water. I thought using Cheetos to lure a pup into the water was a pretty creative way to overcome an issue many puppy owners struggle with, and this week’s winner from reader Lee Nelson is similar in that it uses a treat in an unorthodox way to help us out with a task that is sometimes difficult with an active dog: trimming toenails.

Ever have a dog that fights you non-stop while trying to do his periodic claw trimming? Maybe a bad past experience or one of those who just can’t sit still. Rather than fighting with him, found the key is total distraction. What dog doesn’t love a good treat? I’ll take a slice of very fresh white bread. You know the kind. The type you can wad up into a tight dough ball. Slather it up with peanut butter. Open the dog’s mouth. Stick the slice up in the roof of his mouth, peanut butter side up. He’ll be so busy trying to get it down with his tongue, he won’t care what you’re doing! The only challenge to this technique is to stop laughing long enough to get the deed done! Enjoy!

Interesting. I’m lucky in that all of my dogs are used to me trimming their toes, but some dogs can get happy feet when you’re trying to trim, and it’s no fun when you accidentally cut into your dog’s quick because they’re bouncing around so much. Curious, I decided to try this tip out on my pup this morning, and I gotta say, it worked like a charm.

Now, I know some of you expressed concern with the last tip about giving a dog human food. Personally, I think that as long as you’re not feeding your dog table scraps every day and buying them candy bars, chips and beer on a regular basis, occasionally giving them a treat like Cheetos or a bit of peanut butter isn’t the end of the world. I can certainly think of worse things for a dog to endure.

Congratulations to Lee Nelson (Lee, I’ll send you an e-mail shortly…) and remember, please keep those tips coming.