Did you know that next Friday, June 22 is National Take Your Dog To Work Day? Neither did I, and as I work from home, I pretty much take my dogs to work every day. But it’s an interesting concept nonetheless, and one with some tangible benefits both health and finance-wise, according to this story in the Huffington Post:

Like any new addition to an office, Dolly had an adjustment period. The hardest part: learning not to bark at the mailman. Dolly is one of millions of dogs that accompany their owners to dog-friendly businesses every day. Even more will join her next Friday for Take Your Dog to Work Day.

“I consider it a benefit like health care. It’s a huge attraction,” said Dolly’s owner Erin McCormack, who works at Authentic Entertainment in Los Angeles as a producer on the Discovery Channel’s “Auction Kings.” McCormack and her Maltese mix walk together before work and at lunch to get some exercise, and McCormack saves money on the dog walker or daycare she would otherwise need.

According to the folks from National Take Your Dog To Work Day there are a number of studies proving that taking our dogs to work makes us happier, healthier and more productive…

_Friday, June 22 will be celebrated by pet lovers nationwide as the 12th annual “Take Your Dog to Work” Day and a growing number of companies are allowing pets to visit the workplace for this special occasion. That’s a good thing for workers, according to a recent article in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University found that having dogs in the workplace can reduce employee stress, increase job satisfaction and work commitment.
Makes sense to me. How many of you take your dogs to work with you, if not all the time, then at least every now and then? Incidentally, the dog in the picture isn’t one of my hounds, she (her name’s Sprig and she’s an English cocker) belongs to Pheasants Forever Online Editor Anthony Hauck, who works in perhaps the most dog-friendly corporate office in America.