Getting a dog steady to wing, or at least introducing the concept, is something you might think requires resources that many urban and suburban gundog owners simply don’t have access to: namely birds and land. But if you’ve got a frisbee, a check cord and a small patch of ground, here’s a nifty tip from reader Jody Stonestreet to start getting your dog staunch.

Jody writes: I have discovered an easy training method for keeping my two year old Brittany “steady to wing.” First I will throw a frisbee for him to chase a couple of times to get him excited. Next I will bring him to heel while he is on a 20 foot check cord. Then I give him the “whoa” command. I throw the frisbee directly in front of him. If he goes after it, I can correct him with the check cord. It doesn’t take him long to get the idea. This is a good option when you don’t have live birds available.


What a great tip! Anyone else use a frisbee to introduce steadiness in a young dog? Tell us how you do it. Congratulations, Jody, you’re this week’s Swedish Fireknife winner. I’ll be in contact soon. And remember, if you’ve got a good training tip, send it in to for a chance to win a cool Swedish Fireknife in our contest.