Hunting Dogs photo

One of the coolest things about being a writer with a blogging gig like this is interaction with readers. Coming from a background in print journalism, where interaction with readers means–at best–a letter to the editor, (and at worst, an angry visitor to the newsroom) the immediacy and two-way nature of blogging means not only instant feedback from readers, but an accelerated appreciation of readers from me. In short, I feel like I sort of get to know them. Which can be cool.

Such is the case with regular, if not always-in-agreement-with-me reader, “Ontario Honker.” His comments are always interesting, entertaining and above all, honest and well thought out, even when they aren’t in agreement what I’m writing. I appreciate that. So when my editor sent me a link to this brief story and picture on the Field & Stream Trophy Room well hell, I just had to share…

Pearl was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at U of Minn vet clinic in April 2012, and given only a few months at most to live. She is doing great and 100% since middle of the night two days after diagnosis. She made a great retrieve on this banded goose that fell 1/3 mile away in dense brush on 20/9/12.

What a great story! Congratulations to Pearl the Wonder Dog and Ontario Honker. Here’s hoping you have a few more seasons together…