How long do you honestly think you’ll physically be able to either hunt with your dogs or participate in the various dog “games” like field trials or hunt tests? When you turn 70? Maybe even 80?

It’s an interesting question, and one you naturally start asking yourself a bit more once the odometer rolls past 40. I have no idea. None of us do. But I’d like to think that if I live right and do good, I can end up like Gordon Powell, who is still training (and at a pretty damn high level, judging from his dog) at the ripe old age of 96.

I don’t know Powell or the story behind this video clip. I stumbled across it while trying to find some vintage retriever field trial footage on YouTube. But I do know one thing: I want to be like Powell when I become a seasoned citizen, and if I’m half as spry and with it as he obviously is, I’ll count my blessings.

How awesome is that? Have a good weekend, everyone.