If you’re like me, you’re probably a sucker for vintage advertising featuring hunting and fishing scenes, particularly ads and commercials with gundogs. I was recently perusing the Team Chesapeake website when I came across a thread about this awesome 1950s commercial for Carling Red Cap Ale.

The dog is one fine-looking chessie. It’s interesting because I have seen quite a few other 40s and 50s-era advertisements featuring chessies, which points to how much more ubiquitous this breed was back then than it is now. And notice the label on the beer bottle. Is the “Red Cap” name derived from the dude on the label who’s wearing an old-style Fuddlicious hunting cap? Does anyone remember or recognize this beer?

Whatever the story, one thing is obvious: retro beer commercials are light-years cooler than modern beer commercials, despite the cheesy dialogue, wooden acting and Walter Winchell accents. Or maybe they’re awesome because of them.