One of the great things about the Internet is the window it provides for learning about sporting traditions in the rest of the world. Since I am not much of a big-game hunter these days, I tend to restrict my cross-cultural hunting-related web surfing to pursuits involving birds, shotguns and dogs. You can spend hours on YouTube watching all sorts of things, from classic European driven grouse shoots to British retriever field trials to coursing hounds to videos detailing how Ukrainian gundog owners teach the basic blind retrieve. And how, exactly, does the Ukrainian gundog owner in this video teach blinds? With a bottle of vodka, of course…

This video has apparently been floating around the Web for some time now, but being the stodgy unhipster that I am, I had never seen it before noodling around on YouTube last night, trying to find video on eastern European upland hunting and pointing dogs. Instead, I discovered this decidedly Slavic twist on the classic American “Dog Fetches Beer/Paper/Slippers” trick. Some things, it seems, are universal. I personally have never trained a dog to bring me any sort of frosty beverage or spirit, but perhaps I should rethink that position so I, too, can achieve Internet fame.

Interestingly enough, I never did find out anything about upland hunting in eastern Europe — other than their dogs make good bartenders — but judging by the video it’s apparently a helluva good time.