From: The St. Brenard News, January 21, 2009

It turns out they take their angling infractions pretty seriously down in the bayous of Louisiana. While enjoying a shrimp po-boy the other day I took to scanning the the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s department arrests section in the newspaper. There must have been over one hundred arrests on just one page.

After quickly looking over the entire page I could not believe my eyes. The second largest bond amount was for fishing without a license at $5000. This was behind intent to distribute, possession of stolen property, driving while intoxicated, disturbing the peace, warrants for arrest, criminal trespassing, and the list goes on and on… No joke.

While I’m all for stiff infractions for this sort of behavior this seems way over the top, even for Louisiana. What in the hell are these judges thinking? Has anyone ever been arrested or cited at the very least for fishing without a license? What was your punishment? Am I missing something here?