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If there is a more put-upon group of people than gunsmiths, I can’t think who it might be. These gunsmith gripes are from John Blauvelt of Wallkill, NY. I would add one of my own to the list: People who chew a gunsmith’s ear off about what they should buy, then go buy it at Wal-Mart to save $3.68.

Filthy guns. Just because you are having your gun repaired by the gunsmith does not mean that he is going to clean it for free.
Supplying your own parts. Usually goes like this– “I bought these used parts off of EBay and tried to install them myself….” Try this the next time you go to have your car repaired. See where your auto mechanic tells you to put those parts.

I want to pick your brain.” This is the start of the phone conversation that then goes on for a half hour. What the hell. I was sitting here with nothing to do, waiting for you to call for free advice on how to install the parts you bought on EBay.

Gun puzzle in a box. Starting line while holding cardboard box: “I took it apart to fix it, and I cannot get it back together.” So now I have to put it back together, find out what’s not working, and then take it apart again to fix it, then reassemble it again. Of course I am not to charge extra for this.

“How much?” The customer wants 47 different custom things done and is trying to find the cheapest gunsmith to do them. This list usually comes in the form of an e-mail and was sent to every gunsmith he can find on the internet. You never hear back from him.

“That repair is almost the price of the gun.” The gun was bought by his father, used, in 1927, and is a Sears Roebuck brand. My usual reply: “Gasoline was also 10 cents a gallon then. What are you paying now? “

Thanks for allowing me to vent._