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From the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

_Gov. Phil Bredesen vetoed legislation on Thursday allowing Tennessee’s 220,000 handgun-carry permit holders to go armed in establishments selling alcohol.

_Flanked by law enforcement officials from across the state, including Chattanooga Police Chief Freeman Cooper, Gov. Bredesen declared in a news conference at the Capitol that “guns and alcohol don’t mix.”

_A few select quotes:

_Governor Bredeson: [Permitting someone] to carry a concealed weapon into a crowded bar at midnight on a Saturday night defies common sense. . . .”

Metro Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas: “I’ve witnessed shootings in bars before,” Chief Serpas said. “The presence of somebody else with a gun would not have saved anybody. These things happen in the blink of an eye. It’s not like it is on TV.”

And the NRA response:

_In his veto message, Governor Bredesen talked about his concerns with mixing firearms and alcohol. But he conveniently failed to mention the absolute prohibition, with grim consequences, for any permit holder who has one sip of alcohol while carrying a firearm. He also ignored the provision which allows restaurants to prohibit carrying firearms in their establishments by simply posting a sign. . . .

House Bill 962 . . . would give . . . law-abiding Tennesseans that chance to defend themselves . . . . The Tennessee Legislature understood that. That is why this common sense measure passed both chambers with overwhelming, bi-partisan support. We pledge to work to override this ill-conceived veto.

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