In case you were living under a rock last year, in the landmark District of Columbia v. Heller case, the Supreme Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment protects an individual’s right to own a gun for private use, thus striking down the district’s handgun ban. But D.C. is a federal enclave. The question of whether the amendment protects a broad constitutional right and should therefore override state and local gun-control ordinances, such as Chicago’s handgun ban, is still up in the air–but not for long.

From the Los Angeles Times:
The Supreme Court set the stage for a historic ruling on gun rights and the 2nd Amendment by agreeing today to hear a challenge to Chicago’s ban on handguns. . . .

A ruling on the issue, due by next summer, could open the door to legal challenges to various gun control measures in cities and states across the nation. . . .

Lawyers for the gun owners argued that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” set out in the 2nd Amendment is “incorporated” into the 14th Amendment and thereby applies to states and localities.

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