CSU is one of a very few universities in the U.S. that permits concealed carry on campus–but that may soon change.

From the Denver Post:
Colorado State University may be closer to banning concealed weapons on campus after the school’s board of governors this morning voted unanimously for a weapons policy. . . .

“We respect there are many differing opinions on this issue,” said board chairman Patrick McConathy, “but members of the CSU System Board believe this a reasonable, rational and responsible decision for our system. . . .”

Debate on the issue highlighted schisms between faculty and students at CSU-Fort Collins as well as CSU-Pueblo.

“A concealed weapon empowers the powerless,” said CSU-Fort Collins student body president Dan Gearheart. . . .

But CSU-Pueblo student body president Steven Titus saw differently, saying concealed weapons would disrupt learning. “If I see a girl sitting next to me with a gun in her purse . . . I’d get up and leave and maybe call security on her.”