From the Examiner:
In a November survey, the Consumer Reports Money and Shopping Blog . . . revealed a number of items new to the [poll] that gifts respondents said they’d be ‘thrilled’ to receive: boots, purses (designer, no doubt), pajamas and guns.

“It’s a feeling of confidence, like having a shield,” Tony Orifici, a salesman at Dunedin’s Florida Survivalist gun shop, told the St. Petersburg Times. “Grandpa wants a shotgun. Mom wants a revolver. … We had a family come in and buy an AR-15, a shotgun and two handguns, one for each of them . . . .”

But unlike trendy toys and gadgets, there are no fashionable brands of armaments.
“It’s like a candy store. You come in and decide what flavor you want,” one gun store manager told the Times. “You might like Fords. I might like Chevys.”

So, what flavor do you want?