Though most of the season is over and the peak of the rut has passed, there is still some deer hunting going on in Georgia–the extended archery season in metro Atlanta.

For several years now, archery season extends till the end of January but only in seven counties situated around Atlanta. Fulton, Dekalb, Rockdale, Cobb, Clayton, Forsyth and Gwinnett counties have additional bowhunting through the month of January. Though its cold out, the rut’s over, and many hunters are burned out, deer season is still open in these areas.


A hunting buddy called me on a snowy early January afternoon and asked about going hunting. I told him that I could only if he would pick me up because the roads were bad. A few hours later we were getting out of his truck and heading into the snowy woods in Gwinnett County, just south of Loganville. Our plan was to put my son and his nephew in tree stands while I walked and tried to move deer toward them.

I showed Brian a stand on the other side of the road and I started walking. I soon picked up the fresh tracks of two deer and followed them trying to either move them toward the stand hunters or maybe sneak up on them myself. The tracks eventually crossed the road where I followed them into some extremely thick vines and briers where I saw the tracks of numerous deer.

Shortly thereafter, Brian called me to tell me that he had just shot one. He had seen seven deer and killed a doe with his crossbow.

It was a unique experience to hunt in the snow. We observed how much farther you can see and how it’s much easier to track them and drag them out in the white stuff. We enjoyed a successful afternoon hunt because of the extended archery season. We didn’t see a mature buck, but bagging a January whitetail is a satisfying reward in itself.