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Okay, concentrate. Here’s the question:

You find a .22 cartridge. You do not have a .22 rifle. How should you dispose of the cartridge?
A. Bury it.
B. Bring it to a friend who does own a .22 rifle.
C. Bring it to a gun shop for them to dispose of.
D. Smack it with a hammer–hard.

Answer: From WANE 15 News:
_”I smacked the bullet and fell down and blood came pouring out,” Fath said. “I was hitting it to smash it. I didn’t expect it to go bang.”

Fath said he’ll never hit a bullet with a hammer again.

“I wasn’t thinking about it. It was the dumbest thing I ever did in my life. I suggest nobody do it,” [George] Fath [of Seuben County, Indiana] said._