Ever the good Field & Stream soldier, I spent a little free time recruiting prospects for the Total Outdoorsman Challenge. I’m pretty sure these guys have the baitcasting part down pat. (By the way, that’s Gary Klein, Dean Rojas, and Kevin Van Dam of the B.A.S.S. Elite Series). And based on what I saw, they’re all pretty rock solid with the shotguns too. I know KVD is an archery fanatic. I know Klein is killer with a fly rod. And Rojas lives in Arizona… gotta be a contender with the ATVs.


So how can we spice it up a little? Maybe we need a new tiebreaker-type event that combines elements of a couple different sports at the same time… say, trap shooting with spinnerbaits. Yes, this photo is a shot of KVD chucking a baitcaster on the trap range. Didn’t break the bird, but came darn close. Scary close.

What’s next? Saddle bronc-fly casting?