Shotguns photo

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Whenever I teach new shooters and catch them trying to aim a shotgun, I ask if they play any ball sports. Shooting a shotgun, I tell them is no different than hitting a tennis ball, or even throwing a pass to a receiver. You don’t try to aim, you just focus on the target. Here’s Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco illustrating that point in spectacular fashion.

The clay target here is the “receiver” and Flacco keeps his eye on it – he never aims the shot. The second target comes so quickly – this is sort of report pair – there’s no time for him to do anything but react.

By the way, ATA trap targets fly about 40 mph, around 15 mph faster than a wide receiver. Flacco’s “pattern” (the football) is 11 inches long and 6 ½ inches at its widest point. That is some pretty fancy throwing.