Here’s a positive news report about kids and guns. And, while this is definitely a nice news story with some good scenes of kids shooting, it doesn’t quite give you full scope of the event: there were 140 kids present that Saturday, all of them with guns, handling them safely and having fun.

This piece aired on KCRG TV9 news out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It features members of the Iowa City West trap club of which I happen to be assistant coach, which is the other reason I am posting the clip.

The Iowa High School State Shoot takes place this Saturday and will draw nearly 500 boys and girls. Last year – our first season – we brought eight kids, this year we’ve got 18. We are not the only school club that has grown. I won’t go so far as to say trapshooting is the “in” thing but the sport seems to growing fast, at least here in the Midwest and that, I think we can all agree, is a Good Thing.