All southern states have open deer seasons with the exception of Alabama, which opens Oct. 15. Reports are slowly coming in about various degrees of success in the woods. Mississippi, Alabama, and portions of Louisiana and Florida are still months away from any real rut action. Arkansas, Georgia, and parts of Florida and Louisiana are seeing some early pre-rut activity.

In the low country of South Carolina, along the coast, the action is already heating up. A recent cool front stimulated deer activity and throttled up the rut action. Acorns are falling and bucks are reportedly on the move and already chasing does.

Butch Cooper is a low country hunter and has been tracking an impressive buck for the last two years on his trail cameras. On Sept. 26 it all came together for Cooper. “This was only my third hunt of the season,” said Cooper. “I spotted the buck in a small opening while making my way to the deer stand. A perfect wind blowing from the buck towards me gave me the edge to sneak and belly crawl from 300 yards to within 150 yards to make my shot.”

Cooper’s buck, pictured here, is a real trophy anywhere, and especially for the low country. It weighed 185 pounds, and the 11-point rack has five additional sticker points and an 18-inch spread. He took the buck at 5:45 p.m., which indicates that some mature bucks are not waiting until dusk to move.

If you hunt the South Carolina low country, hunt around falling acorns, if you can find them. The does will be there feeding and the bucks will come looking for them there. I you hunt Georgia and Arkansas, this may be a good time to try a little rattling and grunting.