The Mississippi and Louisiana rut is heating up like a chestnut roasting on an open fire. The rut is in high gear, and mature bucks are being seen and killed.

As reported here, a giant buck was taken in Louisiana on November 9 by Jason Archer. The 210-inch trophy from Concordia Parish that may be the next Louisiana state record. But now that potential record is being challenged by another monster buck taken last Friday, December 20 (photo courtesy of Alex LeBlanc headed to his stand in the early afternoon in warm, humid, and windy weather–not exactly ideal whitetail hunting conditions, but as most experienced hunters know, anything can happen during the rut.

Sitting in a box stand on his St. Landry Parish property, he had not seen any deer until the giant buck appeared in a shooting lane 50 yards away. With shaking hands, LeBlanc aimed his .270 at the buck’s shoulder and fired. He found the deer only 50 yards away, and LeBlanc got an early Christmas present he won’t forget. The buck weighed 220 pounds, has 16 points with incredible mass, and 6 ½-inch bases. The rack was rough-scored around 204 inches. See the full story at


Lee Taylor hunts near the Checkasawhay River in Greene County, Mississippi and took a very nice rutting buck. “I was hunting a food plot on some family land between a 2-year-old cutover and a 10-year-old-pine plantation,” said Taylor. “I had several pictures of the buck last year as an 8-point but never saw him. I knew he made it through the 2012/13 season, but didn’t get any more pictures until three days before I shot him. The rut always runs late this far south, and the big bucks don’t really start making scrapes until around Christmas, with peak rut coming the last week of January and first week of February.”

Though it was a bit early for peak rut activity, this buck was already interested in checking out the does. “I was shocked to see this buck come out about 200 yards away behind a doe,” said Taylor. “They fed straight across the narrow plot without me getting a shot. Nearly 30 minutes later the doe re-appeared 80 yards away so I got the rifle ready. A minute or two later the buck stepped out, and I centered the scope on him and shot. Upon recovering the buck I noticed he was the same buck I had hunted the last half of the season last year. This year he was a seven-pointer with an 18 ½-inch inside spread, and weighed 180 pounds. He appeared to be 4.5 or 5.5 years old.”

If you hunt in an area where the rut has not yet occurred, the most wonderful time of the year is upon you.