Just back from a wild adventure in the Everglades with my buddy Al Keller. We not only caught the backcountry slam–tarpon, snook and redfish–from kayaks… I also came away with what has to be the greatest camp meal of all time.

Fresh-caught snook fillets, slow-grilled over a smoky buttonwood fire (the wood is key). A little olive oil, salt, pepper, and at the very end, a spritz from a fresh key lime.

Serve with a side of rice (boil-in-bag rice is a staple on any camping trip), and some dried mango.

Cold beer and hot sauce optional.

This displaces my former number one greatest camp meal of all time… fresh elk backstrap, grilled medium rare over an aspen fire… with potatoes, and a nice full-bodied cabernet.

Which replaced my other favorite… fresh yellowfin tuna sushi, shaved thin shashimi style, drizzled with sea water (forget the soy sauce)… accompanied with cool watermelon slices and Coca-Cola from a glass bottle.

(Can you tell I like to eat about as much as I like catching fish?)

I’m telling you… the snook trumps all. Not only is Keller the “fishin’ magician,” he’s a chef.

So what earns your vote as the ultimate camp meal? Trout for breakfast? I think Tim might go for nuts and berries from the field… How about those duck recipes?


P.S. More on the fishing adventure coming soon. It was amazing.