Survival photo

From the Billings Gazette:
Lost in the Big Horn Mountains, presumed dead by family and friends and hallucinating because of too much wind and too little food, Travis McMahan, stumbling up a creek, found a dead fish.

“It looked all rotten,” he said. . . . “I cut its head off and skinned its back,” he said of the fish. “And there was good meat in there, so I ate it.”

Later that day, his father and 15 friends — making one last-ditch search effort before a snowstorm was forecast to hit — found him. His father, who had expected to find his son’s body, was the first person he saw. . . .

“He really didn’t say much,” Travis said of his father’s reaction to finding him. “He was just in tears.”

Be sure to check out the whole, harrowing story.