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In the October issue of F&S, contributing editor David Draper compiled a grocery list of a weekend’s worth of food that you can get at a typical truck stop…all for less than $20. Draper did a great job of making his cash go as far as possible and including all of an outdoorsman’s dietary essentials: caffeine (Mountain Dew and coffee), sugar (a Whatchamacallit and sweet roll), protein (jerky and, well, more jerky), and some stuff that’s actually healthy (water and apples). But after he turned the assignment in, I joked with him: “How could you leave out the Salted Nut Roll?!”


If there’s one thing I always look for at truck stops or gas stations whenever I go fishing, it’s that calorie bomb deliciously disguised as the Pearson’s Salted Nut Roll. Not only is the Nut Roll utterly and incredibly tasty–the perfect blend of salty and sweet–but it’s the perfect snack to pack: It’s small and substantial. It doesn’t melt in warm weather. And it’s stout enough that it won’t get too smashed.

But, as is the case with Draper, not everyone is as big of fan of the Salted Nut Roll as I am. So let’s hear your favorite. What truck stop snack do you always reach for on your way to the hunting or fishing grounds?