Like most new parents, my wife, Michelle, and I are masters of multitasking. A couple nights ago, I was standing over the stove watching green tomato slices sizzling in a skillet. My son, Anse—13 months old—was in his high chair, eating pieces of fried green goodness between fists full of Spaghetti-Os. Michelle was at the dinner table next to him with her computer, watching trail camera videos on the SD cards we’d pulled earlier that day. Every few minutes, I’d get a summons to the table to evaluate just how much a given buck’s belly was sagging, or how much antler growth I expected he had left before bow season.

Anse doesn’t know many words yet, but he for sure knows the word “DEER!” It’s always spoken at a yell and always, I assume, in all caps. We have to keep the computer screen out of his reach when we’re watching trail camera videos, lest he smear marinara sauce and tomato grease across it.

By the end of dinner, we’d eaten tomatoes, squash, and fresh corn out of the garden, as well as half a dozen of the precious few deer steaks left over from last fall. We’d watched video of a bachelor group strolling into a food plot in broad daylight. A doe fighting with a velvet spike. Longbeards catching grasshoppers. A yearling confused by a family of raccoons at a corn pile.

Anse went to bed full as a Lone Star tick. Michelle and I were downright giddy at the thought of going deer hunting in a little more than a month.

Trail camera season. It’s a great time of year.