I’ve done some digging and asked around; To the best of my knowledge, this video is the first-ever documented test of a 3D-printed fly reel. This all started right before the holidays, when I posted a blog about cool fishing gear people were making with 3D printers. One of those things was Michael Hackney’s 3D fly reel. In the following weeks, several other websites picked up stories about these reels. I figured someone had to finally to put one to the test. Michael made one for me, and we put the screws to it on some raceway slobs yesterday. The results were incredibly impressive. What’s even cooler is that this is only the beginning of what we’ll see in the fishing world thanks to 3D printing technology, which, by the way, is an incredibly hot topic right now. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching the documentary “Print The Legend.” I promise it will blow your mind. If you’re interested in buying a 3D reel (or getting the files to print your own), visit Michael’s website,