Freshwater Fishing photo

Greetings. I’ve returned from ten glorious honeymoon days in sunny, warm Turks & Caicos and am once again reporting from chilly New York City. There’s probably a good half-dozen blogs I can get out of my wedding and honeymoon, but I’m just going to give you guys the short version and get back to fish talk next week.

I told you in my pre-wedding post that I would have some fish-related fun at my wedding. Well, there I am kissing it: a huge ice sculpture of a striper modeled after one on my wall. The sculptor even lit it from underneath with green light, and it was so massive, our wedding cake had to get pushed off into the corner to make room for the ice. Yes, I am slightly tipsy in this photo.

I also received a killer custom lure as a wedding gift and got away with bonefishing murder on my honeymoon. Christen even joined more for a day on the flats. You can see all of the above (including more striper ice) in a little wedding/honeymoon album I put together by clicking here or on the photo.

It’s hard to believe it’s all over after all that planning, and while I miss the island, it’s always nice to come home to a striper bite that’s off the hook. We got in late Thursday, rested Friday, and Saturday at sunup, I was back on the bass. I’m hoping the weather holds for the up-coming weekend.

Have any good Thanksgiving fishing plans? – JC