Romano: New Zealand Trout Bumming

Thought I’d dig deep in the archives today and pull from a crazy fishing trip that got me into this industry. About 8 years ago one of my best friends and I decided to travel to New Zealand and fish. We didn’t want to go for a week or even two. We wanted to do it right, and doing it right meant saving up a ton of money and quitting our jobs. I was waiting tables and my friend Malcolm was working in a fly shop. We saved for about a year, booked some plane tickets, bought a crappy van, and were on our way.

I brought one medium format camera with one lens and a ton of film. Our journey lasted 90 days. Out of those 90 days we fished 70 of them. Fishing on 34 different rivers and traveling from the north island to the bottom of the south with some pretty fantastic adventures along the way. Upon our return I sold some of these photos to a magazine, which segued into a job. That job led to another, and many more amazing trips which I never could have imagined then.

Enjoy the slide show.