Thanks to all of you who submitted intros to the “Fish Quixote” epic. There are some literary Fly Talkers in the fold indeed.

I was immediately lured in by those of you who parodied the original Cervantes.

But there is only one winner, and that’s based purely on an ageless rule of flattery…

Compliment a man on his fishing prowess and he’ll likely see right through that. (It’s kind of like the “Does my butt look big in these? question… an honest answer is ill-advised, and a fake answer is easily ignored).

But compliment a man on his hunting dog… and well, that’s a winner every time.

So thanks to MLH who wrote:

“Along a fabled stream in Colorado, whose name I feign ignorance, there lives, this very day, one of those gentle anglers who keeps a bamboo in the rod rack, a vintage landing net, a slim steed, and a noble Vizsla.”

By mentioning the “noble Vizsla,” he showed his true colors as a close Fly Talk follower, and as such, will be richly rewarded with the Ross Pescador 6 pliers ($150)… hit me at, MLH, and we’ll hook you up.