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When I guide, there’s no way I can function on the rivers I fish without a good net. I used to have an old nylon mesh net. Loved that thing. But its one fatal flaw was webbing that grabbed and ate flies.


So I’ve switched to a Brodin Ghost net. The rubberized mesh is great for keeping flies unstuck. I also think it does better for the fish. One of the complaints some others have about using nets is that abrasive materials might rub off the protective slime layer on trout, leaving them susceptible to disease and so forth. With the wet rubber mesh, that’s not much of an issue.

I like the Frying Pan Float Tube model ($135) because I like a big but shallower basket, which i think makes unhooking and releasing a bit quicker and easier. Granted, you can find more affordable nets… but not many as beautifully crafted and durable (I once watched mine float downstream to spend the winter frozen in a log jam; come spring, when I fished it out, it was as good as new.)

Brodin has been making these nets for 31 years now. If you fish with one, you’ll immediately understand why.