Fly Fishing photo

It’s no secret that I love streamer fishing for trout. Specifically walking back downstream at the end of the day I’ll almost always chuck and duck to pick up a few hefty fish – If I’m lucky.

There’s quite a few ways to make this easier on yourself. One of which I only tried a couple of times, but seems to make a world of difference – using bullethead bass weights in front of your streamer.

Michael White over at Deneki Outdoors explains in the video below why one would do such a thing. “As Michael says, “Weighted flies, split shot and sinktips are all popular options for getting your fly down, but they’ve each got drawbacks.”

▪ Weighted flies don’t provide options for adjusting weight without changing flies.

▪ Split shot can be cumbersome to cast and sometimes results in less- than optimal presentation of streamers.

▪ Sinktips (and sinking lines, for that matter) really limit your ability to control your fly once the line hits the water. – Romano