Trout Fishing photo
Trout Fishing photo


Unbeknownst to me and I’m sure everyone else, we can actually save the world by changing beer waste into fish food. Right…

Browsing my local news station yesterday I stumbled upon a local news story (view it here) about turning beer waste into fish food. While it does concern one of my favorite local breweries and they have done many many good things for the community and environment I’m just not sure I understand what the point they’re trying to make here. They state that fish eat fish and that’s a problem. Huh?

Next they state that humans overfish world stocks. Well, yeah… The next correlation is where it starts to get a bit fuzzy to me. Apparently by turning the solid waste of beer into fish food we can solve both of these problems.

Now, I’m all for finding alternative ways to reuse waste and and save resources, but how will this save the worlds fish populations?

Yes, it might make my local hatchery fish even more nasty and fat and bloated then they they already are. Heck, they might even catch a little buzz, but how in the hell is this going to save fish the world over? Watch the video and let me know if I’m missing something here.