From the “Geez, why hadn’t I thought of that?” department comes a great resource dedicated to serving fly tiers… The website is FlyRecipes.Com ( and it is loaded with free information to help anyone interested in fly tying, including video instructions (over 300 videos), and over 2100 step-by-step recipes for producing some of the most popular and effective (and obscure) fly patterns on the planet. Trout, salmon, saltwater… all there.

What’s cool is that users can upload and share their recipes, ultimately creating a diverse, no-cost database for anyone interested in tying. You can also jump on a forum dialed into your specific interests… how-to for beginners, trading flies, and regional-specific patterns, etc.

In my experience, there are three types of fly fishers: Those who tie their own flies; those who know how to tie flies, but aren’t always motivated to do so; and those who think fly tying is best left to the good people in Sri Lanka.

So which group are you in?

If it’s group 1 or group 2, I’d suggest you screw the cap back on your head cement, and take five minutes to visit Registration is fairly quick (all you have to do is agree not to steal copyrights or say bad words), and it wil make available one of the best electronic fly tying resources out there.