Multiple consecutive days of spring-like weather here found me out in the garage yesterday looking at my pile of fishing stuff longing for spring and slowly sorting odds and ends. Yeah, it’s in a pile… After digging and sorting I started thinking about what I really need to go fishing for a day and promised myself to figure out a better way for next season. I mean what do you really need? A rod, reel, fly box, some tippet, nippers, and a pair of pliers…right?

After an email regarding inspired fly wallets from fellow photographer Tim Pask last week I decided I’m gonna pare it down even further. Apparently Tim sent Marc Crapo one of his favorite images and had it “burned” onto his handmade fly wallets. Turned out pretty nice if you ask me… I’ve personally never used a fly wallet, but am thinking it will slide nicely into my back pocket. It’ll be full of streamers… If I can’t fit the rest of the stuff in my pockets I figure I don’t really need it.

What about you? Do you bring the whole kitchen sink or does anyone out there have any tips that can help me bring less stuff?