Fly Fishing Gear photo

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Come on. Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m not talking about that kind of leather. I’m talking about the hand-made leather fly gear produced by Joe Goertzen of Missoula, Montana. I met Joe back in January at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show in NJ. It was his first year working the winter show circuit, and I found his booth by happenstance when his fly bag (above) caught my eye in a sea of Sage, Orvis, and Simms wares.

Fly Fishing Gear photo


I’ve always been a fan of the little companies fighting the good fight amongst the knowns, because the stuff they make is usually built with love. Joe’s gear is no exception. Top to bottom, his bags and lanyards (as well as climbing gear and hunting gear) is in no small way more art than anything as far as I’m concerned. To check out his full line, visit his website.

So I’ve got one of his lanyards, and I’m really digging the idea of it. The problem is, I’m OCD when it comes to carrying any kind of tackle. Whether I can strip down the necessities to make it work, I’m not sure, but I’m gonna try. I’ll write my medicine allergies and home phone number on the back, so if you find me on the river curled up and shaking because I don’t have the right size Adams, you’ll be able to help me.

Have you narrowed your fly selection down enough to wade in with all you need around your neck?