Yup, that’s a big bass. Really big. Our friend Conway Bowman, better known for his TV shows and affinity for catching Mako sharks on the fly turns his thoughts elsewhere in the spring. Bass and carp on the fly. He caught this cruising fish two days ago on a southern California coastal reservoir.

Conway grew up throwing spinning gear for bass, but recently has decided that a fly rod catches more and larger bass. Bowman states, “I sat there the other day watching a number of bass boats compete by chucking huge jigs along this piece of water for a couple hours. I watched from shore, let them all leave and waded shallow throwing a small Meat Whistle and absolutely cleaned up.”

Bowman seems to catch many large fish on the fly rod when the spinning guys can’t buy a fish. He attributes his success to the smaller size of the fly, being stealthy, and wading shallow instead of using a huge over juiced boat to chase down fish.

I’m thinking he’s on to something here. Should we call the boys over on the pro tour and let them know they might be approaching it all wrong? Bigger and more bass on a fly rod or is Conway nuts?

Many thanks to Conway’s talented wife and fishing fanatic Michelle for use of her photo above.