Two weeks ago I wrote a story for the main page titled, “The Beginner’s Guide to Better Fishing Photography“. This week, thanks to my boys over at, I have stumbled upon what possibly might be the worlds best point and shoot camera for fishing related activities. The camera in question is the…

Pentax Optio W80. It’s waterproof down to 16 feet for two full hours if need be. Can tolerate drops over 3 feet, shoots in temperatures to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, has an effective 12.1 megapixel sensor, a huge 2.5 inch screen, and a wide 28mm lens. It also supposedly has an insane macro mode which lets you shoot as close as 1cm to your subject. Here’s the kicker though – it shoots HD video. What other camera could you want in your vest pocket? This is an amazing little camera for the price – $299.

As an owner of their previous model, the W30 I can attest to quality of this line of point-and-shoots and would suggest it in a second for any fisherman wanting to slip a very powerful little camera in your pocket. The cameral is supposedly available mid July. I just might have to request a “field test” model. 😉