Fly Fishing photo

I’m sure most of you can finish the rest of that sentence. Duct tape might just be the most handy tool an angler can have on a boat or in their vest. It patches waders, boats, holds together broken rods, makes pretty nifty sunglass retainers (like above), and just a week or so ago I actually used duct tape to hold my oar lock in place after a friend had straightened the cotter pin holding it in place. 12 inches if Duct tape literally saved an entire day of fishing. I’m curious though…

…what else have people used Duct tape for on the river? Moreover what’s your little trick that’s held together a day of fishing? Anglers tend to be improvisors and I’d love to hear what’s your “go to” move that has saved the day for yourself or someone else on the river, lake or ocean.