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Fly Fishing Gear photo


My favorite type of fly fishing is sight fishing. Doesn’t matter if I’m chasing trout with dry flies (or nymphs), or stalking tailing fish on the flats, to me “top of the game” is always about spotting a fish, then making the cast, and (hopefully) hooking up. As such, I honestly think the glasses I wear are as important as the rod, reel, line, and fly I use. After all, none of these things works best without the others.

Lately I’ve taken a real shine to glass lenses. It’s hard to beat the optical clarity of glass. Then again, polycarbon (plastic) lenses are safer protection against an errant fly whacking you in the head, and are often more affordable. Glass lasts better for me, and doesn’t scratch as easily… there are pros and cons on both sides of the debate.

So what is your number one criteria for selecting fishing glasses? Is it the lens material? Tint? Frame style… shape… ease of wear? All the above? Is there a perfect pair of polarized shades?

I’ve found that I wear different lenses and different tints in different conditions. If I had one to pick it would probably be copper or amber. But that would be too easy… besides, I’m a sucker for buying different rods, reels, lines, and all that, why would I be any more focused with glasses?