With so much economic gloom and doom in America, it’s worth pointing out a company that’s bucking the trend. Hardy and Greys, that vaunted icon of English angling tradition is making serious waves on this side of the pond. Granted, the company has been in business since the 1800s, and has in some form or fashion had a presence in the US market for years. But not like this.

In fact, for the first time since 1872, the full assortment of Hardy products is available in the US, according to Hardy North America chief Jim Murphy. Murphy also adds that within the last five months, the company has reached half its distribution goal, with most of that momentum moving from east to west. Hot products include reels like the Perfect and Heritage models… but I’m banking that the company will make a bigger impact with the lower-pricepoint Greys line, especially on the rod side.

All of which makes me wonder… have any of you seen new Hardy product at your local fly shop? Anyone fish it? How do you like it?

And maybe more importantly, how seriously do you consider the health of a company when you make gear purchases, relative to warranties and so forth? Do you know of other companies in the fly market that are bucking the trend?