Tim’s little pinup gal image got me thinking (I’m not sure why) about hip waders. I’ve decided that hip waders work well for women, and not for men. Wearing hip waders and shorts works exceptionally well for women, and is repulsive among men.

Who wears hip waders anymore? Not like a novelty… I mean as your go-to, number-one fishing in the river on Saturday morning set of waders.

I like hip waders, but I wonder if mine are obsolete. The point with hip waders years ago was that they were a cool alternative… literally (as in temperature) cool, not fashionably cool (not that I’m a slave to fashion in the river). Now, with Gore-Tex and other breathable waders, you just don’t see the “hip” crowd like you used to. As for cost savings, I know some guys who would rather wet-wade, in March, than wear hippers.

It’s not like in the 70s, when hip waders were the rage. Then again, so were the Village People… the cop, the Indian, the construction worker… a guy in shorts and hip waders would have fit right in.

I don’t care. I’m still keeping mine. Old habits might die hard, but I still think hip waders are hip.