When sketchy weather or prior obligations keep me close to home on weekends, my attention turns to largemouth. For me, bass have always been a fish good for killing a few hours in the local lakes and ponds, but I have never traveled to chase them in famed waters. I am, however, happy to report that I caught my first of the season Sunday, and they were pretty aggressive even though the spawn is nearly two months away and the water is still darn cold.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am least in tune with largemouth. The best bass fishermen I know are engulfed in it. Obsessed with the things. They fish for them almost exclusively. Well, I’m just too A.D.D. to commit myself to one fish that whole-heartedly. Which means I will probably never be a bass pro.

Here’s my one nuggest of bass wisdom…you tell me if it’s a good philosophy or if I should stick to trout and salt. I’m going to say that the fluke-style soft jerkbait (Zoom, Bass Assassin, whichever you like) is the most versatile largemouth lure ever made. I’ve caught cold-water bass barely moving them on the bottom, summer bass ripping them across the surface, and spawning bass dancing them over the beds. No matter what time of year I’m fishing, a fluke is the first bait I’ll tie on. A pink one claimed Sunday’s fish. Anyone agree, or is there something better for a year-round attack?