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Who says you can’t get something for nothing? Okay, a lot of people say that and are pretty much always right. But other than shipping and handling, you can get a brand new Carbon Express F-15 fixed-blade or expandable broadhead to check out for zip, zero, nada.


Working on the cutting-edge principal that two are better than one, Carbon Express has fitted the F-15 with dual, side-by-side cutting blades, which if you apply the right sort of math yields wound channels that are up to “250 percent larger and more devastating.”

From the company’s press release:
_Carbon Express®, a leader in arrow technology and innovation, announces that starting July16th they will be giving away $50,000 worth of F-15TM Dual Blade broadheads….

“We are so confident in our new F-15™ were giving consumer a try for free. This is the perfect chance for them to get an incredible broadhead for just the cost of shipping and handling” stated Mike Snyder, the company’s Director of Marketing.

To test fly the F-15TM fixed blade or expandable, go to and order. There is a $4.95 shipping and handling, which is a great value when the 3 pack goes for approximately $39.99 at retail.

The F-15™ is the only broadhead with dual, side-by-side cutting blades…[which create] a wound chunk versus a slice, [producing] a massive exit wound for greater blood loss, a better blood trail and ultimately, a faster kill._