Here’s the scoop. I have been authorized by the powers that be to shoot a fishing show of my own styling for our website, dubbed “Field & Stream Hook Shots.” Now, my own styling means loud music and antics, though my ultimate goal with this project is to bring you insider fishing info, tips, tricks, and a generally good way to waste time at work. Wherever I fish this season that I think would interest you guys, the camera comes along. I figure, if you’ll watch Hank Parker for 30 minutes on Sunday, maybe you’ll watch your old buddy Joe for 10. Presented below is the first official episode on American shad filmed less than two weeks ago on the Delaware River.

In these videos, you will (hopefully) see everything from sharks, to trout, to catfish and beyond. The video series will forever live at I’ll keep adding episodes to that gallery, and give you a heads up here when a new one is posted.

So tell me what you think. I am certainly having fun filming them, and I hope you have fun watching them, and maybe learn some stuff in the process. Be sure to tell your friends! And by the way, if you’re in a band with original recorded music you think would fit in an episode of Hook Shots, email me and I’ll see if I can’t set you up with a little musical exposure. I’m open to all genres.