Fishing Gear photo

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Fishing Gear photo


Many trinkets and new treasures find their way across our desks here at F&S. The latest is the NozKon, which I am rocking in the photo. This little foam hood Velcros around your shades to keep your schnozz from frying. You can also wet the NozKon to keep your snout as cool and moist as a healthy Boykin Spaniel’s. Maybe there’s a few points earned here for creativity, but style? Sorry. Enjoy the photo, because it’s the last time you’ll see your buddy Joe wearing one.

But this does translate nicely into a discussion on preferred sun blocks. Honestly, I hate sunscreen. It’s greasy to begin with, and once you start to sweat and get a little bait on you, you smell 100 times worse than you need to. It’s also tough to steer a boat with a steel wheel with lubed palms, and I am a firm believer that hints of sunscreen on lures and baits hurt fishing productivity.

All of this was a problem (that often ended in much peeling) until a guide buddy of mine introduced me to BullFrog Quick Gel. You rub it on and it dries instantly. In fact, you can’t dally when slathering or it’ll evaporate in your hands. I have also been known to employ a Buffwear UV shield bandana now and then. I scoffed at these things when they first came out. Then they saved my face from fiery torture on a Texas flats fishing trip. Now I always have one handy just in case.

What kind of sun protection works best for you?