Last week I posted a little “guess the fish, win cool lures” contest. Well, I must say I was pretty impressed with the answers. Almost all of you got the first two, flounder and muskie, correct, but that last two, well, guesses were vast. The correct line-up was flounder, muskie, smallmouth bass, and striped bass. Below are the photos from whence the clips came.


Seven of you got the correct answer, and as stated in the original post, multiple correct posters were dropped in a hat, this hat was shaken, and out was drawn…drum rollGGMack. Congratulations my friend. You are now the proud owner of three very hot Sebile Magic Swimmers. Shoot an email with your mailing info to our intern at and he’ll send out the baits.

As a side note, regular poster Shane wrote that if “If 3 isn’t a carp, I quit fishing.” Shane, don’t go do anything crazy like that. A life sans fishing would just be, well…I can’t imagine.

So John Merwin and I are both off to the ICAST show today to bring to you guys brilliant coverage of all the latest and greatest in the fishing world. Stay tuned for some sneak-peekage.