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I was chatting with UK-based Tackle Trade World Editor Nick Marlow at ICAST and he was agog over Eagle Claw’s new TroKar hooks. “They’re like something you’d see in a hospital,” he told me. “They’re a bit scary.” I immediately made my way over to find horror movie-like posters of bass pros with the Medieval TroKar logo under the slogan “Draw Blood.” Well, I did draw blood with these hooks, some of which was my own.


TroKars are surgically sharpened on all sides, giving you a hook point with an actual edge like a razor more akin to a fine broadhead than a hook. The point was apparently designed in the medical field. Eagle Claw refers to them as “sinfully sharp” and “gnarly instruments that will slice through a jugular” in their press release. But there is more benefit to these hooks than cutting through fishy faces.

Bass Pro Shaw Grigsby explained to me that if he’s fishing a big softbait rigged weedless, he can now lessen his line and rod weight because the hooks cut through the plastic so easily, he doesn’t need a powerful hook set. I finagled a pack of 2/0 wide-gap TroKars which I used for smallmouth this weekend. Shaw was right: I don’t think I set the hook once. It seems a fish need only breathe on a TroKar and it’s on. You’ll notice tiny blood dots on my finger in the photo above. Those are from a few smallies shaking the fine point into my hand when I went to lip them. My buddy fished a differnet brand all day and there was no comparison. And that’s no B.S.

TroKars will be available in 6 styles for bass, and will sell for $12 a pack. What say you? Do you see an “edge” here?