In case you missed my post last week, I mentioned that I was down in South Texas chilling out at Get-A-Way Adventures Lodge. I had been there before to fish the skinny water of Lower Laguna Madre for trout and redfish, and it was brutally windy all week. Well, guess what? The wind followed me again. But it didn’t stop me from putting together the latest installment of “Hook Shots.”

Though the video does it little justice, I promise the conditions during the offshore segment are up there in the top five nastiest I’ve ever experienced. Captain Chad Kinney anchored us in 250 feet of water, and had to let out 1,000 feet of anchor line to hold the boat. If you weren’t hanging on to something the whole time, you had problems.

I think you’ve got to be a fisherman to really hate wind like I do. Have you ever had a non-fisher-person ask you how your day on the water was, and you reply “terrible.” Then they say something like, “Why? It was a beautiful day.” Blue-bird skies don’t mean much if the wind is blowing 25. Just like rain doesn’t mean much if the wind is calm. Have you ever been caught in a really nasty blow?